Interactive Audio/Visual Experience.

Design & Engineering - Adam Mork



I have a strong affinity for glitch and VHS visuals. Re-creating those effects with analog equipment creates beautiful results but is time consuming. This project was born from my desire to automate these effects in a digital domain. Using pixel shaders in WebGL (Three.js) it was possible to emulate many of the distortions that compose a real-world glitch. Making it interactive was the next step. I used Javascript to map  the X/Y coordinate of the mouse cursor to parameters in the pixel shaders.



The first iteration of this project hosted a 30m DJ mix and shows the album art of the currently playing song.  


Beats Music

My entry to the Beats Music hack-athon took FrostyTV to the next level. I added a search interface that was powered by the Beats Music API. It let subscribers enjoy FrostyTV's interactive Audio/Visual experience with any song from their catalogue. It was featured on their developer homepage & tweeted by the CEO of Beats Music Ian C Rogers.